911 Audio Released In Bow Wow's Domestic Abuse Case

The 911 call from Bow Wow and his ex-girlfriend, Leslie Holden’s domestic dispute from over the weekend has surfaced the net. According to TMZ, Leslie accused Bow Wow of taking her phone several times and refusing to let her leave his apartment. She said to the 911 dispatcher, "I been physically assaulted by my boyfriend, and I would like to make a report. He was hitting me in place he said no one's gonna believe." She went on to say, "The police already came out here, but they wouldn't let me leave out the bedroom. It was him and two of his other friends and they wouldn't let me out the bedroom. They took my phone from me because I called the police the first time and they took my phone from me."

TMZ also said that a call was made by the manager of Bow Wow’s apartment building. The manager recounted another resident’s complaint about a fight where a man was heard saying that he would, "slap the f**k out of this b*tch."

Both Bow Wow and Leslie were arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery over the weekend.