A$AP Rocky Being Detained In Inhumane Conditions


TMZ has reported that A$AP Rocky is being detained in Sweden in inhumane conditions. According to sources close to the rapper, Rocky is being held in a Swedish jail with "shockingly inhumane conditions." It is being said that the jail has "wretched" food and the facilities are not fit for human beings.

Rocky is reportedly sleeping on a yoga mat with no blankets. The prisoner in the cell next to him allegedly has severe mental issues, slams his head against the wall and throws feces, which are not cleaned up.

The facility is also reportedly filthy and "disease ridden." The water is supposedly not safe for drinking and the food is not edible. During the first five days that Rocky was detained, he only ate an apple a day.

As previously reported, Rocky is being held in custody for two weeks while prosecutors investigate his alleged involvement in a Stockholm street brawl — despite video footage showing the alleged victim harassing and attacking the rapper.

Rap-Up reports that under the Vienna Convention for Consular Relations, when a foreigner like Rocky is arrested, he has a right to immediately see an official from the U.S. Consulate. He reportedly asked for the meeting, but when the official arrived to meet him at the detention center, he was denied access — which is a violation of the treaty.

Sources say the U.S. official thinks he was denied access because Swedish officials did not want him to see the conditions of the jail. The consulate was allowed to see Rocky two days later, with two Swedish guards present. Rocky and the official did not have a private conversation, and they believe that was "a clear intimidation tactic."

Celebs and fans have since band together to create a #JusticeForRocky petition. According to VIBE, the petition, which is said to have over 130,000 signatures, was launched on Change.org on Tuesday (July 9th).

Celebrity Reactions to A$AP Rocky’s Detainment:

  • Miguel: "They're holding bro for defending himself after being followed and antagonized for 30+ minutes. Link to sign the petition and support in my story. I did."
  • ScHoolboyQ: "I’m not goin nomo eitHer... #FLACKO"
  • Lil Yachty: "Me 3 will never hit Sweden again... #freeflacko"
  • A$AP Ferg: "Stand in support and request Rocky’s release from Swedish officials! Sign the petition and join the movement at change.org . JusticeForRocky"