A$AP Rocky's Attorney Denies Rapper Is Being Held In 'Inhumane' Conditions


A$AP Rocky’s attorney has refuted claims that the rapper is being detained in "inhumane" prison conditions. Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Rocky was being kept in inhumane conditions at a "disease-ridden" facility with "wretched" food. Sources also said that he is sleeping on a yoga mat with no blankets, and that there are feces that are not cleaned up.

The rapper’s lawyer, Henrik Olsson Lilja, has denied the allegations in a statement made to Swedish media outlet, SVT Nyheter. In the article, which was translated via Google, the lawyer noted that there was a smell of "urine in the cell in the arrest," but he was presumably referring to Rocky’s holding cell. As far as the rapper’s current conditions, the lawyer said the Rocky is being "treated and treated properly."

Lilja also said that Rocky "tries to eat to the best of his ability," despite reports that the water is not safe to drink and that the food is not edible.

According to Rap-Up, the attorney said in a statement, "He has never talked to TMZ or any third party regarding the circumstances when he was arrested, i.e. when he was in the prison. He was then treated and treated properly. However, he has experienced the conditions in the arrest as very simple and has experienced that it smells urine in the cell in the arrest. However, not in detention. The conditions in the arrest cell can in that respect be criticized."

Meanwhile, Congressman Adriano Espaillat—U.S. Representative for New York's Thirteenth Congressional District, has spoken on Rocky’s situation. Espaillat said on Wednesday (July 10th), "I cannot explain the behavior of the Swedish authorities because if you see the video, you will see clearly what this was, right? In fact, the first aggressor was the perpetrator when he threw his headphone at one of ASAP’s supporters or his security. So, I cannot speculate why they're doing this."

As previously reported, Rocky is being held in custody for two weeks while prosecutors investigate his alleged involvement in a Stockholm street brawl. Prosecutors are trying to decide whether or not to charge him with aggravated assault.

On another note, Tyga has canceled his upcoming show in Sweden in support of A$AP Rocky. The rapper tweeted, "I have decided to cancel my show in Sweden this Sunday July 14. I will not be performing. #FREEASAPROCKY"