A$AP Rocky Testifies In Swedish Assault Case


A$AP Rocky testified in court on Thursday (August 1st) in his Swedish assault case. According to audio via the Associated Press, Rocky said that he did everything in his power to avoid a confrontation when two men he claimed persistently followed and provoked his entourage in Stockholm — which led to a brawl. One of the men allegedly picked a fight with Rocky’s bodyguard. 

Rocky was dressed in a green inmate uniform and told the Stockholm District Court that Mustafa Jafari and his friend refused to leave him alone. The rapper also claimed that the two appeared to be “under the influence of some kind of drug.” 

Rocky explained, [“I wasn’t paying attention at that moment to what they were saying, verbally. But, I know that it was kinda strange that he came up to my security guard. But, my security guard asked him to go away. One thing led to another. My security guard was standing in front of me, blocking me the whole time. Me and my assistant were the only two people paying attention to our phones, to the application. Next thing I know, I see my security guard — Tim, lifting Jafari by his collar and moving him and walking him away from us.”] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC . . . away from us)

He went on to say, [“When they reached a distance, Jafari pursued to swing and hit him and he hit him with headphones, twice. These guys … their behavior was very weird and we didn’t know what to expect. It got a little scary for us. At this point, we don’t wanna provoke these guys. We just wanna diffuse the whole situation, but Jafari, he was persistent. And he kept pursuing me, he was like, ‘C’mon, C’mon.’ We told him, ‘No.’ We said we didn’t even wanna fight. Nobody wants to fight.”] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC . . . wants to fight)

The rapper then added, [“We just was like, ‘Please, just leave us alone.’ We don’t wanna fight. Go that way. Go another way. So, to not provoke anything, we attempted to walk away. When we walked away, we were followed.”] SOUNDCUE (:11 OC . . . we were followed)

Meanwhile, Jafari claimed that he was looking for his friend when he approached Rocky and his friends on the street. He added that he did not know that Rocky was famous because “he did not see anyone taking photos like they would with a famous person.”

Prosecutors are alleging that Rocky hit Jafari with a bottle. Rocky addressed the allegations that he hit Jafari with a glass bottle, saying, [“We saw bottles on the floor and we picked them up. We didn’t want them to get the bottles. We didn’t want them to have them in their possession. At that moment, some African girls came over and they decided to help and mediate the situation. We told them to ask the guys to leave us alone and to stop following us. They disregarding that too — what the young ladies were saying.”] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC . . . ladies were saying)

The rapper continued, [“At this point, I walk up the block, I start to notice that Tim walks down the block to tell the girls, ‘Please tell them leave us alone, leave us alone.’ And these guys were following again. As far as the bottles go, I held it momentarily ‘cause I realized it was stupid, especially when they didn’t have it in their possession. It wasn’t necessary for me to have it, so I put it down.”] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC . . . put it down)

Rocky also made it known to the court saying that he only wants justice. He said, “I’ve spent a month here in Sweden. This is my fifth or sixth time here. I’ve seen the most beautiful architecture and beautiful side of Sweden, and the not-so-pretty, obviously being in this detention center. I don’t want any money. I could earn it back. For me, what I want is justice. And I want my name to be cleared. Justice for all of us.” 

According to Rap-Up, some of Rocky’s relatives were present on day two of his trial, including his mother, Renee Black. President Trump also sent Ambassador Robert O. Brien, the U.S. special presidential envoy for hostage affairs, to Sweden to monitor the court proceedings. 

If convicted, Rocky faces up to two years in prison.