Alessia Cara Drops 'Out Of Love' Video

Alessia Cara has released the video for her wistful breakup song, "Out of Love."

The video begins with a montage of couples sharing intimate, loving moments with each other. But those scenes soon transition into painful splits, with Alessia there to witness the heartbreak.

On Twitter, Alessia explains the inspiration behind the video. "Because I didn’t write this song about me I wanted the video to portray being a bystander to other people’s stories," she writes.

The song was written for a friend of Alessia’s, who had gone through a tough breakup with his girlfriend. She told Seth Meyers back in January that when her friend played the song for his ex, the two ended up getting back together.

"Out of Love" is the latest single from Alessia’s The Pains of Growing album. She’s currently on tour opening for fellow Canadian Shawn Mendes.