Alice In Chains's Jerry Cantrell Shows Up In Deadwood Movie

If you thought you spotted a familiar face in HBO's new Deadwood movie, you probably did: Alice In Chains guitarist and singer Jerry Cantrell made a cameo in the film thanks to actor W. Earl Brown, who plays Dan Dority in Deadwood and played filmmaker Alan Poole McLard in the Alice In Chains mockumentary AIC23.

Cantrell wrote on Instagram, "Snuck into a shot or two in the 'Deadwood' movie courtesy of W. Earl Brown. Standing next to Garret Dillahunt here. I am a huge fan of the show and have become good friends with Earl and Robin Weigert (who plays Calamity Jane) over the poker table and other shenanigans. I gave Ian McShane (who plays Al Swearengen) a vinyl copy of Rainier Fog that day too. Was fun to be in the background watching the professionals do their thing."

Cantrell has done a little acting here and there in the past, playing small roles in the films Singles, Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous, appearing in the Alice In Chains mockumentaries The Nona Tapes and AIC23, and a handful of others.

Cantrell and Alice In Chains are currently touring overseas in support of their sixth studio album, Rainier Fog, and will return home for a co-headlining run with Korn that kicks off July 18th in Austin, Texas.