Alicia Keys Sings A 'Shallow' Parody About Hosting The Grammys

Alicia Keys will be hosting the Grammys this weekend and she got some advice from former host James Corden – all to the tune of nominated song "Shallow" from A Star Is Born.

Keys performed a funny, yet touching, parody of the hit song during an appearance on The Late Late Show on Wednesday.

"Tell me something Keys, I hear you’re set to host this year’s Grammys," James starts off the song. She replies in song, "Didn’t you host it twice? Maybe you could give me some advice."

As Corden tried to offer her advice, Keys belted out, "You know I’ve won 15 times?" She then sang a bar from her hit song, "Girl on Fire."

She also referenced rapper Cardi B, singing, "Hanging with Cardi at the after-party how does she make that sound?" After Corden tries to mimic Cardi’s iconic sound, she closes out the song singing in tandem with Corden.

Meanwhile, Alicia proved she is just as human as the rest of us. During the interview segment of the show, James told the Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, native that he figured she had been "cool from birth."

She laughingly replied, "Yea, let’s say that." When James questioned her tone, Alicia told him about running into cement walls as a child and knocking herself out.

She explained: "I did, you know, always happen to run into a big cement block and pass out. Somehow I would find these cement walls and I’d be like running playing tag and I wouldn’t see them and by the time I turned around, there would be my head into this cement wall and the next thing I know I was waking up so I don’t know if that is cool or clumsy." James said he was sure she did it in a cool way.

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards air Sunday on CBS.