All That Remains Announces New Permanent Guitarist

All That Remains has officially recruited Jason Richardson as the replacement for guitarist Oliver "Oli" Herbert, who passed away in October. Richardson performed with the band on its recent European shows, although it wasn't until this week that he was confirmed as a permanent member of the group.

On Tuesday (February 5th), the band said in a statement, "All That Remains would like to clarify that guitarist Jason Richardson is now an official member of the band. Some recent interviews were conducted before a decision was made or announced regarding Jason. But the band has indeed welcomed him into the fold as an official member and is excited to get back on the tour and play for fans."

Frontman Phil Labonte told Decibel magazine about Richardson, "He came in and nailed everything and really kind of saved our ass. He made it easier on us when it comes to the grieving side of it. It relieved pressure about this stuff, the business side that we had planned. The personal side is easier to handle and cope with. The more pressures you can relieve on a situation, the better."

Herbert was found dead on October 16th at the edge of a pond on his Stafford Springs, Connecticut property. He was reported missing by his wife around 3:00 p.m., and his body was found by police face down at the edge of the pond where the water was only a few inches deep. Authorities are treating the death as suspicious.