Ariana Grande Says 'Thank U, Next' Fragrance Is Coming

Ariana Grande already has a number of fragrances to her name – including Ari, Cloud, Moonlight, Frankie and Sweet Like Candy – and now she has hinted that a "thank u, next"-inspired scent may be coming soon.

In an Instagram post, Ariana revealed, "so i’ve been working on a ‘thank u, next’ fragrance ... & i can’t wait for u to see / smell her .... she’s like ari if she went to the beach one time."

She followed that sentence with a coconut emoji, intimating that the new scene smells like her previous fragrance Ari but with a tropical twist.

"i’ll keep u posted ... i don’t think i was supposed to announce this today but i’m excited and it smells divine so f*** it," she added. "hi perfume team love u."

Recently, TMZ reported that Ari has filed to trademark the phrase "Ariana Grande Thank U, Next" so she can use it on a variety of beauty products, including perfumes, colognes, body lotions, bath and shower gels, body scrubs, body powders and body mists.