Ariel Winter Takes a Twitter Break

Ariel Winter is taking a step back from Twitter.

“Ariel has taken a break from Twitter and engaging with commenters on her other platforms because of the constant negativity she experiences. She needs a moment to breathe and enjoy herself without judgement,” the Modern Family star’s rep told People.

This follows reports that she went on a rant about how invasive paparazzi can be.               

“If a paparazzi attempts to take another f—— picture in front of my house one more time I swear to god I will find ANY SORT of legal action,” she posted on Tuesday afternoon, according to Yahoo.

She continued: “Sad when you literally enjoy your job but hate every part of the fame aspect. Also sad when you desperately want to move somewhere remote so you can just live a normal life in peace. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I hate being followed and I hate my s*** out in the news.”

And that, seemingly, was that (for now).