'Backstreet Boys: The Experience' Opens

The Backstreet Boys have shared the most surprising thing that people will find at their Grammy Museum exhibit.

Before the band, which consists of Kevin Richardson, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, A.J. McLean and Brian Littrell, embarks on their DNA World Tour they’re reminiscing on almost 26 years of being together at the Grammy Museum’s "Backstreet Boys: The Experience" in Los Angeles.

The fan exhibition features the band’s mementos, including childhood photographs, wardrobe, awards, music video memorabilia and so much more.

One thing that will definitely make BSB fans nostalgic are the original "Quit playing games (with my heart)" shirts.

"I’m surprised they stayed in such good condition, is the original shirts we wore from the ‘Quit playing games’ video," A.J. said. "Mind you they are dry now, they were soaking wet in the video."

Nick added: "We had to dig into some of our old warehouses and storage units to find some of these things that we didn’t know existed anymore. I mean we went all the way back to our Millennium tour, found the blue outfits that we wore...Just things that people hadn’t seen before, or hadn’t seen in a long time. We put together a great collection of things that I think people will be able to remember and recall, and celebrate with us."

Brian’s high school diploma, school trophies, fan mail and even A.J.’s baby outfit he wore when he was taken home from the hospital are featured.

There are also more than 1,000 fan-sourced images from meet-and-greets and concerts over the years, many of which have been put up on a 50-foot wall in the exhibit. The exhibit even features a special booth where fans can record a 30-second message for the Boys.

Backstreet will wrap up their Larger Than Life Las Vegas residency April 27th, and then kick off their DNA World Tour May 11th in Portugal. The museum exhibit runs through September 2nd.