'Bad Time' - Grand Funk Railroad

Writer: Mark Farner Producer: Jimmy Lenner Recorded: Summer 1974 at The Swamp in Los Angeles Released: December 1974 Players: Mark Farner--vocals, guitar Mel Schacher--bass, vocals Craig Frost--keyboards, vocals Don Brewer--drums, vocals Album: All The Girls In The World Beware!!! (Capitol, 1974) A tuneful, upbeat pop song lamenting an unrequited love, "Bad Time" reached Number Four on the Billboard Hot 100--Grand Funk Railroad's last appearance in the top 40. The single was backed by the album track "Good And Evil." "Bad Time" was the second single from the group's All The Girls In The World Beware!!! album, finishing just a spot behind GFR's remake of the Soul Brothers Six hit "Some Kind Of Wonderful." Some fans, however, found "Bad Time" to be a bit too light to sync with GFR's image as one of rock's heaviest bands. Perhaps in response to that, the group didn't include it in the repertoire of its 1975 world tour. All The Girls In The World Beware!!! was Grand Funk's last top 10 album, peaking at Number 10 on the Billboard 200. The album was recorded under the name Grand Funk--the group dropped the Railroad part of its moniker for All The Girls In The World Beware!!! and its two predecessors, We're An American Bandand Shinin' On. It returned the Railroad to its name in the fall of 1975.