Bad Wolves Singer Shares Story Of Helping Homeless Person


Bad Wolves singer Tommy Vext has admitted to struggling through difficult times in the past. But now he's related a story of how he met a homeless man who turned out to be a musician, and shared his story with the man to try and help him through a similar situation.

Vext posted on Instagram that he was approached in a Santa Monica, California parking structure by the man and took him to get some food. Vext then wrote, "We talked about his dreams and his situation & I shared with him my story, how I had become homeless in L.A. kicked out of bands and off indie record labels, drug addicted alcoholic thousands of miles away from my family."

Vext continued, "I told him all work is honorable. In my first year I rode the bus to and from my job as a dog kennel worker, sleeping on my ex guitarist Sonny Mayo’s couch . . . I told him not to judge his struggle, I told him all the things that the men and women of my recovery community taught me."

The singer continued, "It’s hard to define yourself and harder to make your dreams a reality. Everyday I wake up I am grateful for all the pain and bullshit I’ve gone through, not because it makes me deserving of some platform but because it qualifies me to help another human being who may be struggling."

Vext told us that he doesn't take his success now for granted: "I mean, sometimes it doesn't feel real, you know what I mean, like the label and the management is like, 'Okay, we got this tour,' and we're like, 'Wait, what?' You know, we're a baby band, but I think, you know, because we're all veterans and we've kind of been in the industry a long time, it doesn't feel too weird. But it's weird that we're a new band and we're getting these opportunities."

Bad Wolves recently completed work on their second album and intend to release the disc in the fourth quarter of 2019. The band scored a massive breakout success last year with its debut album Disobey and its hit cover of the 1993 Cranberries classic "Zombie."