BlueFace Says He's Slept With 1000 Women In Six Months

Rapper Blueface has been living the savage life since becoming famous. During a recent interview, he revealed that he has had sex with at least 1,000 women in the past six months. He said, 1,000. I'm a f*cker! . . . I know! It's like, sometimes it might be a threesome, it might be a foursome. I done had a fivesome!"

During the interview, Blueface also talked about having two girlfriends.

Meanwhile, Vice decided to investigate whether the "Thotiana" rapper really had sex with 1,000 women in the past six months. The site found that Blueface would have had to sleep with roughly five women a day in order to have had sex with 1,000 women. They concluded, "There is no g*ddamn way Blueface has banged 1,000 people in the past six months. Consider that claim empirically, verifiably false."