Brett Young Opts For Sleep Over Gambling In Vegas

Brett Young will be in Las Vegas this weekend for the ACM Awards, but you won't necessarily find him hanging around the tables doing much gambling. Brett tells us that while he's willing to put a little money on the line, he's pretty careful. "I like to gamble a little bit for the fun of it. When I gamble, I have X amount that I’m willing to lose as a part of the entertainment value. But no, I’m not in there to lose my shorts, so to speak, or try to win my mortgage. There’s never that much money on the table. And in all honesty, I rarely gamble during an awards weekend. Usually there’s too much going on for me. That means you’d have to stay up till 4:00am. to do it, and I need my sleep."

In addition to attending the ACM Awards, Brett will be performing as part of the ACM Stories, Songs and Stars event on Friday (April 5th) night, and at the ACM Awards Official After Party this Sunday (April 7th) night in Las Vegas immediately following the Awards. For more information, visit