Britney Spears Called Out For Making Her Waist Look Smaller On Instagram


Last month, Britney Spears called out the paparazzi for editing her photos to make her look larger. Now fans are calling her out for manipulating her photo to make her waist look smaller.

Warped cupboards behind her gave Britney away. Dressed in a plaid skirt and midriff-baring white top reminiscent of her "Baby One More Time" getup, the singer’s mirror-selfie showed drawers that warped out of shape right behind her waist.

Fans picked up on the photo manipulation. "The counters in the back seem a bit ... twisty," a fan commented. Another wrote, "I need to give her some Facetune lessons, those warped cabinets are not acceptable."

"Oh my. Britney weren’t you just blaming paparazzi for photoshopping your image yet...." wrote one.

One fan snarked, "She is so skinny that she actually affects the furniture around her to make it looks skinny as well." Another chimed in, "so skinny she bent the drawers."

Other fans were convinced that Britney was trolling everyone, because she captioned the picture, "I went shade shopping today but found nothing !!!!"

"Actually. She has outsmarted you all. 2 weeks ago she posted that the paps blew her body up to make her look fat. She’s ‘SHADE SHOPPING’ She’s deliberately done this to throw shade at the paps," reasoned one fan.