BTS Release 'Euphoria' Video Dedicated To Jungkook; Songs Headed To Space

BTS has released a new video for "Euphoria" – a sweet dedication to their member Jungkook that has fans happy crying.

The K-Pop band’s official video for "Euphoria" is full of footage of the well-know BTS member, and depicts his journey through the years. From home videos, to footage of him putting in work in the studios, the video shed light on all the highs and lows from his musical career. Fans took to Twitter with their reactions just moments after the video was released.

"This doesn’t even need a caption iM SOBBING," one fan wrote in a post. "I’m not crying, you are," another fan tweeted. "Someone cry with me," a third fan said.

"This song reminds me of the family i’ve lost last year, both of my parents, and the families i’ve gained throughout the journey. It will never be easy going through drastic life changes. Sudden euphorias are always there, even in dark places. Thank you, Jungkook," one fan shared. The video even inspired the trending Twitter tag: #JKOurEuphoria.

"Euphoria" was part of the band’s anniversary "Festa" celebration.

The tribute video was released just three days after the guys dropped a hot new song with Charli XCX titled "Dream Glow." The track features BTS members Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook. "Dream Glow" is set to be a part of the original soundtrack the group is releasing for their new mobile game, BTS World.

BTS is also headed to space. NASA tweeted recently that it would be adding three BTS songs to its playlist for the next mission to the moon, which is scheduled to take place by 2024. The BTS songs "Mikrokosmos" and "134340" as well as RM’s solo track "Moonchild" will be on the playlist.

134340 is the numeric code for the dwarf planet given to what used to be Pluto. Originally considered to be the ninth planet from the Sun, the dwarf planet was first called Pluto, but the International Astronomical Union reclassified it as a dwarf planet in 2006 and gave it the code.