Cage the Elephant's Matt Shultz: 'It's A Miracle I'm Alive'

On the bands most recent tour, Cage The Elephant frontman, Matt Shultz was on the verge of a breakdown. Over the space of two years, he suffered the loss of three close friends and split from his wife, the French model Juliette Buchs. In an interview with Independent, he said, "I was being besieged, if that’s the right word. I had to recede into myself to figure out what was happening. I hate things coming across as melodrama, but there are times where I think it’s a miracle, I’m alive."

Shultz eventually found a way to pull through it and said, "I definitely snapped. And I realized I was punishing myself. It was almost like a breath of desperation, to a certain extent."

Now in better times, Shultz and his older brother Brad will be releasing their 4th album, Social Cues, on April 19.