Cardi B Goes Off On Univision Reporter After Being Ambushed For An Interview


Cardi B went off on a reporter who tried to ambush her for an interview. According to Rap-Up via Remezcla, Gelena Solano — who works for Univision’s entertainment news show, El Gordo Y La Flaca, rushed Cardi and her father while they were on the streets of NYC.

Cardi appeared to be caught off guard when the female reporter attempted to persuade her to do an interview. The reporter mentioned to Cardi that she is also Dominican, but Cardi was unfazed and insisted that she did not want to be interviewed. She said, "Yeah, but do you see how I look? I have my daughter, I have my dad. I just don’t look decent. Come on, you’re a woman and you look good with makeup. I don’t look good, my hair’s fu**ed up. Don’t do that to me."

Cardi went on to walk into the store, while the reporter tried to speak to her father. Cardi then came out of the store and went off on the reporter, saying, "Don’t put my father on TV! Because my dad don’t walk around with security. Don’t come to me with cameras without me knowing. That’s disrespectful. I’m with my child."