Cardi B On Stripping A 18: 'Don't Let People Judge You'

This past weekend, Cardi B opened up about becoming a stripper at 18. According to Billboard, the rapper told the crowd at BeautyCon this weekend, Don’t let people judge you. A lot of people said, 'You don’t have to strip. You have other choices.' No the f*ck I didn’t."When asked if she would change anything, she said, "The f*ck no."

She also gave career advice to the crowd, saying, "If you’re in college, take a business class. I have to hire a business manager and pay extra money. So I depend on someone else to run my business. Sometimes the career that you study for will not make you happy one day. And you want to become your own boss...What's the point of working to be a slave to bills?"

Cardi showed up hours late to the event. When she arrived, she told he crowd, "Sorry I’m a little late. You know a b*tch flew from Vegas. That's what happens when you try to do everything...You overbook yourself. Don't think I'm a diva. I’m always chasing the bag."