Cardi B's Former Manager Trying To Involve Her Dad In $15 Million Lawsuit

Cardi B’s former manager, Klenord "Shaft" Raphael, is trying to involve the rapper’s father, Carlos Almanzar, in the $15 million lawsuit filed against her. According to Complex, Shaft reportedly thinks that Cardi’s dad has key information related to the lawsuit. The lawsuit was initially filed last April, after Raphael claimed that Cardi breached her contract by ending their working relationship. Cardi, however, claimed in a countersuit that Shaft allegedly tried to control her career and personal life.

Cardi’s lawyer has been served with a subpoena for the rapper’s father. Shaft wants Almanzar to turn over documents and sit for a deposition to be asked about information regarding the case and anything he knows about Cardi and her former manager’s relationship.

Cardi’s legal team said they were also served a subpoena for Offset, whom they referred to as Cardi’s "estranged husband."

Shaft sued Cardi for $10 million last April, claiming her breached their contract by firing him as her manager. Cardi countersued for $15 million, accusing him of screwing her over after trusting him and his company with her business affairs.