Cardi B Speaks Out About Songwriting

Cardi B is speaking out on her songwriting. The rapper took to Twitter on Thursday (June 6th) and addressed claims that she doesn’t write her own lyrics. According to Rap-Up, in response to one person questioning why Cardi was included on Billboard’s Top 100 Songwriters of 2018, she said, “Because I do write a lot of my sh*t that’s the thing.” 

Cardi went on to admit that she does have co-writers, but she writes herself — including songs on her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, and her Gangsta B*tch Music mixtapes. She continued, “Yes just like every other artist I do have a couple writer that help with hooks but I wrote plenty of songs on my album specially my mixtape.” 

She added, “Ya just flip sh*t and ya want to believe the f**k sh*t so bad but EAT IT UP B*TCH!” 

Rap-Up reports that Cardi is credited as the sole writer of her latest single, “Pressed,” which was released last month.