Carly Pearce Credits Bus Kitchen For Her Healthy Diet

Carly Pearce’s schedule is literally ‘all over the road’ and trying to eat healthy was a has been a challenge, but having a tour bus has changed all that. She has an all-natural, high protein, low carb, no processed foods, kind of diet. She misses cooking at home, but she has a solution, Carly tells us more: "I have figured out how to do it. I have an oven, a little oven on the bus that I make chicken in. My band, I try to sneak … my favorite foods are the smelly kind, so Brussels sprouts and broccoli, and I’ll try to sneak it and they know immediately. They know within like two minutes of it cooking what it is, so I try to do that, but I try not to do it all the time. Having a bus and having just that oven and a griddle and a refrigerator has been a game changer."