Celebrity Gossip: Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett and More!

KIM KARDASHIAN’S SENSE OF HUMOR ON DISPLAY AT CFDA AWARDS: Kim Kardashian accepted the Influencer Award Monday at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards Monday, thanking everyone and then admitting that she is "surprised" to be getting a fashion award when she’s "naked most of the time." She also reminded audience members that aiming high never hurt anyone. "It was maybe seven years ago when I had a publicist, and she asked, what were my goals, what were my dreams, and I said I just wanted to be on the cover of a fashion magazine," she said, per USA Today. "And she said, let’s (make) some realistic goals because that will never happen. And so, of course I sent her my Vogue cover when it came out. An autographed copy. So it’s really a trip to me that now I’m here getting an award for fashion when it’s something I always loved. Thank you so much for this, it means a lot." (USA Today Click our Twitter or Facebook buttons to share this link!)

ANGELINA JOLIE CELEBRATES 43 ON A ROLLER COASTER: Angelina Jolie celebrated her 43rdbirthday Monday riding a roller coaster at Thorpe Park outside of London. Her six kids joined her on the Nemesis Inferno, a 2,460-foot 50 mph coaster that centers around an erupting tropical volcano and features four vertical flips. Her six kids have joined her in filming Maleficent 2 near London with co-star Elle Fanning.

WATCH CATE BLANCHETT AND SARAH PAULSON DERAIL THE TODAY SHOW: Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson appeared on The Today Show Tuesday, and things went a little off-script. Long story short, the consummate pros were still able to effectively promote Ocean’s 8 while being interviewed by equally consummate pros Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, it just happened to be while Blanchett sat on Paulson’s lap and Paulson mocked Blanchett for not scoring an Oscar for Carol, all while the hosts tried to keep straight faces.

KYLE RICHARDS OPENS UP ABOUT DAD ABANDONING MOM: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is developing a TV series called American Woman about her late mother Kathleen Richards. She appeared on Megyn Kelly Today to promote the show Tuesday, and revealed a key plot point that depicted how her mother found out that her husband was cheating on her. "At that time, my mom was all of a sudden suddenly single," she said. "She didn’t know about money or what they had — she didn’t even have a checkbook. So when I was actually 10 years old, my mom got me a checkbook and I was allowed to have my ‘unemployment checks’ from my TV shows." She added that her "very strong" mother has long been her icon. "I did not have a conventional life growing up at all," she continued. "In addition to being a child actor, it was just a very different upbringing. When my mom passed away, I was reflecting on her and I love to write, so I would write stories about her and growing up. I thought, ‘I really want to make this into a TV show one day.’ And here we are." American Woman premieres Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on Paramount Network.

KENDALL JENNER STEPPING OUT WITH ANWAR HADID? Kendall Jenner is rumored to be dating NBA star Ben Simmons, but TMZ busted her locking lips with Anwar Hadid, Gigi and Bella’s younger brother.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE DATING ART GALLERIST? Page Six says Jennifer Lawrence is quietly dating New York art gallerist Cooke Maroney. He works as director of Gladstone Gallery, which reps Carroll Dunham (Lena’s dad), Richard Prince and Matthew Barney (Bjork’s ex), among others.

LILI REINHART ADMITS PREGNANCY RUMORS HURT HER: Lili Reinhart, 21, slapped back after rumors that she was pregnant began spreading after "unflattering" photos of her appeared online. "It was bugging me and at first it was really upsetting," Reinhart told Entertainment Tonight at the CDFA Fashion Awards on Monday night. "I’m 21 — I’m not pregnant, I don’t want people to think I’m pregnant if I’m not pregnant. It did take a hit to my self-esteem for a second and then I kind of picked myself back up and said, ‘I’m not going to let this ruin my day!’ " Reinhart, who is dating her Riverdale costar Cole Sprouse, took to Insta to nix the rumors on May 28th. "It’s unfortunate that one unflattering photo of my stomach circulating the internet causes hundreds of people to think that I’m pregnant," she wrote on Instagram. "Nope. Not pregnant."