Chris Brown And Offset Still At War On Social Media

Chris Brown and Offset are still taking jabs at one another. Following Offset commenting on a post Brown uploaded to social media, which poked fun at 21 Savage freestyling in a British accent, Offset said that he will smack the sh*t out of Brown when he sees him. The Migos member wrote on his Instagram Stories, "I ain't really have too much rap for you on this social media sh*t but since that's where you wanna take it tell the people why you had your management reach out to squash the sh*t! Check my record and check yours only people you go to toe to toe with is women that's for lame nikkas .Oh and btw Ima smack the sh*t out you when I see you!"

Moments later, Brown shared screenshots of what appeared to be direct messages between him and Offset. Offset asked Brown where he was, and the singer replied that he was in L.A., and that he will be home at 4. After Offset asked for Brown’s address, the singer said, "P***y n***a u know where I Stay!!! GOOGLE MAPS!! My address ain't no secret spot. I’ll be the sic at 4."

Offset then responded, "... Not coming to yo house, when I see u know it's up." Brown went on to share his home address and told Offset to "run me my fade stop actin p***y."