Chris Brown Says Woman Suing For Alleged Rape Refuses To Hand Over Texts

Chris Brown says that the woman accusing him of alleged rape is refusing to turn over text messages. According to The Blast, on January 7th, Jane Doe filed court documents against Brown and his friend, Lowell Grissom, claiming that Grissom raped her at Brown’s home last year. The unidentified woman is pleading for the judge to not allow Brown to subpoena her phone and text records. She claims that the request invades her privacy, along with her family, who are on the same phone plan.

Jane Doe claims to have submitted over 600 pages of documents to Brown, including texts, emails and medical records. During a meeting with Brown’s lawyers, she claimed that they never revealed the purpose of the subpoena. Instead, the lawyers claimed that the number of texts Jane Doe did turn over concerned them about her "veracity including what she said about Mr. Brown in the complaint versus sic what is in her messages."

She went on to say that Brown and his team tried to argue that following the alleged rape, she posted weekly photos on Instagram at events and "without clothing." They also claimed that Doe’s mother went on a racist tirade against African-Americans in text messages with Doe. Doe claims that these accusations do not accurately represent the context in the texts she handed over.

A judge has not yet ruled on the case.