Chris Brown Throws More Jabs At Offset

Chris Brown isn’t letting up on his jabs at Offset. Following their social media feud, which was sparked by Brown making light of 21 Savage’s immigration case, the singer wrote on Instagram, "Don’t consider myself GANGSTA. BUT I PROMISE THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD IS WHEN A SINGING N***A GOT N***AS SCARED TO TO FADE. AND WHATS LAME IS N***A ALL IN MY COMMENTS WORRIED ABOUT ANOTHER N***A. ILL LEAVE THIS WHERE ITS AT! SO YOU JUST DANCE YA WAY OUT MY COMMENTS!

He added, "Ima send ya girl flowers so she know I respect her. I’m disappointed in this n***a, AS HIS FATHER I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE MORE IN HIS LIFE SO HE WOULDN’T COME OUT A LAME A** N***A!"