Chris Brown Under Fire Over Lyric On Indigo Album


Chris Brown is under fire over a lyric on his record, "Need A Stack," from his newly released album, Indigo. On the track, which features rappers Joyner Lucas and Lil Wayne, Breezy says, "Only wanna f**k the black b*tches with the nice hair."

Fans immediately took to social media to question the lyric. One person tweeted, "Serious ques? I really want some explanation on the whole Chris Brown comment with the 'only loving black girls with nice hair' is this so offensive? They trash women all day in rap songs and girls are mad about a hair comment? I’m just really not seeing the race card here."

Another person said, "Chris Brown taking a jab at black women in his new song…why am I not surprised? Chris Brown has never been an uplifter of the 'sistas.' Yet black women have always protected him. NEXTTTT."

A third Twitter user defended Brown, saying, "As soon as men have a preference y'all wanna get emotional and slander us… but women can be picky and specific a.f and nobody bats an eye!! Get out y’all feelings about what @chrisbrown said. Idk if yall got the memo BUT BLACK MEN LIKE NATURAL WOMEN!!! HEAD TO TOE!!!"