Chris Daughtry Features Wife And Kids In New 'As You Are' Video


Daughtry frontman Chris Daughtry enlisted his real-life wife Deanna and their three children to make the video for the band's song "As You Are."

Deanna co-wrote the song. It's the first time his family has appeared in one of his music videos, and he tells Billboard it "was a lot of fun seeing how the kids naturally reacted on camera." In between shots of Daughtry and his family, there are various expressions of love between couples, and parents and their children.

"We wanted to depict as much unconditional love as we could fit into three minutes and 40 seconds," Daughtry says. "We wanted people to feel the love when they watch."

The song, which Deanna wrote about coming to terms with her bisexuality, contains a message of acceptance that is reflected in the video as well.

"This song is for everyone who feels different, alone, misunderstood, or unloved in any way," Daughtry says. "It's about accepting someone with an open heart for who they fully are without conditions. Without prejudice. We should all strive to relinquish our judgement against one another and lift each other up."