Chris Janson Learned Big Lesson From Life-Changing Song


Chris Janson is learning as many lessons from his music as he is teaching others. He tells us his last single in particular has made him view his role in the world a little differently. "On behalf of 'Drunk Girl' in particular, it has changed my life because you are subliminally talking to yourself everyday, and even on days when I don't feel like being the 'Good Vibes' guy and maybe I'm just being kind of grumpy and like every human being in the world it reminds me that I have a precedence to uphold and it's a good reminder to self to really try to be better, be nicer, smile as often as you can. You can really change somebody's life like that, and I've noticed it. I've seen it happen and that is very rewarding."

Chris sits inside the Top 30 and climbing with "Good Vibes," the lead single off his upcoming studio album.

He continues on tour with Chris Young, playing this week in Missouri and Indiana.