Chris Young's Video Blooper Was 'Not Flattering'

If it looks like Chris Young is having a good time in the video for his latest hit, "Raised On Country," it's because he was. At the end of the clip, Chris, his bandmates and the patrons at the restaurant seem to be in the midst of a windstorm with debris blowing around them, and while it works in the video, Chris tells us he was totally unprepared when cameras started rolling. "It was a lot of fun, and also the very first thing that happened is they did not tell me for the first shot where we were doing the fan and they're just throwing torn up scraps of like everything, and it hit me right in the mouth (laughs) on the first shot, and he actually went back and showed it to me but it was like me getting hit right in the face with a bunch of . . . trash. (laughs) Yeah, it was not flattering, but it was super fun to shoot that, and honestly, we were having a ball the whole day."

Chris sits in the Top 15 on the charts and climbing with "Raised On Country."

He continues his Raised On Country tour on June 13th in Syracuse, NY with special guest Chris Janson and Dylan Scott.