Chris Young Says Personal Song Is Making 'Impact' On People


Chris Young recently released a song off his upcoming album called "Drowning," which he co-wrote and recorded in tribute to a friend of his who died several years ago. The song was cathartic for Chris, and it seems it's making a real connection with fans. He tells us: "The thing that's been really incredible for me about the song 'Drowning' has been the sheer number of people that have walked up to me—not even at shows, just seeing me somewhere in Nashville, randomly when I'm having lunch, somewhere I'm walking in and out—someone will stop me and be like, ‘Hey man. That new song… I lost my brother' or, you know, ‘This makes me think of my dad who passed.' And the fact that that song is already making that kind of impact with other people and that they're putting that as something that special in their own life into that song, it's incredible."

"Drowning" will be included on Chris' new studio album, Raised On Country, due out later this year.

The album's title track is a Top Eight hit and climbing on the country charts.