City Girls' Yung Miami, Hazel-E And Joseline Hernandez Go At It On Instagram

City GirlsYung Miami and former Love & Hip Hop stars Hazel-E and Joseline Hernandez went toe to toe on Instagram on Tuesday (May 21st). It all started when Hazle-E dropped a diss record called "Add It Up," which was seemingly sparked by her claims that Yung Miami and JT ripped offer her song "Actin’ Up," with their hit single, "Act Up."

In Hazel’s diss, she mentioned Yung Miami’s son, and the health of her mom. The song also received a co-sign from Joseline. However, following the release of the record, Miami responded, saying, "Just know when I see you sir I’m beating your a** on sight for speaking on my mom and my son you lame a** h*e! & @joseline what’s up with you coke head a** h*e ?!"

Joseline then took to social media to defend Hazel and her diss track. She later released a record of her own, titled, "Hate Me Now."

Trina, Masika Kalysha and G-Herbo all chimed in on the feud and Hazel’s diss track, siding with Yung Miami.

Miami’s boyfriend, producer Southside, later took to Instagram Live to weigh in, threatening to fight both Joseline and Hazel.