Cole Swindell's Latest Hit Conjures A 'Rough Feeling'

Cole Swindell co-wrote his latest hit, "Love You Too Late," from experience. He tells us it's a sentiment that isn't fun but is pretty common. "It just is talking about a relationship that sometimes you gotta say those words that you're scared to say and every now and then when you realize that, it's too late. That's what this song's about is knowing that you loved her and knowing that you're sitting there telling her and she's not even there. You're just saying it out loud. You know you're telling her you love her too late. That's what this song's about . . . her out there on the highway, running wide open, forgetting about you, not picking up your phone calls. That's a rough feeling knowing that you say 'I love you' too late."

Cole hits the road with Luke Bryan on his Sunset Repeat Tour beginning on May 31st in Camden, NJ.

He plays a sold-out show tonight (Thursday, May 2nd) in Ridgefield, WA.