Cyn Santana Clarifies Statement Made About Black Men And Hispanic Women

Cyn Santana, who stars on Love & Hip Hop: New York and is the fiancé of Joe Budden, has clarified remarks that have surfaced from an old interview about black men and hispanic women. During a 2016 interview on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, Cyn stated that she preferred dating black men and suggested that it is because they treat Hispanics women better than black women.

Cyn explained, "Y'all can keep the Puerto Rican men, I'm good. I do black guys all day, sorry. I did the Spanish thing...doesn't work out for me. I think they're too emotional. ... Black guys cater to us Spanish girls, especially. Like know what, let me not get into it. Black girls gonna take it personal, they gonna be like 'uhh uhhh!’

She has since taken to social media to apologize and clarify her stance. She wrote, "I especially love THE BLACK WOMAN. I’ve never in my life bashed one. Never will. So yeah Ima explain myself and shed some clarity on a clip that's being spread around with little context."

Cyn went on to say, "I wanna be VERY clear on where EYE stand. I’ve never bashed a black woman in my life. NEVER have and never WILL. It ain’t in ME. I don’t feel it. I improperly used the word ‘especially’ in the interview which made it seem to some as if I was separating myself and looking down on. If I’ve offended anyone I do indeed apologize, I used the word ‘especially’ in a way that changed the context of what i was trying to say for some, and while i was TRYING to be sensitive I used the word ‘personal’ because I know its a sensitive topic. I’m not here to attack. But now let’s have a deeper talk. I’m not mad at this conversation. I think its an important one to have actually even if it’s at my expense. Growing up there was always a lot of tension between a Latina woman and a black woman. Why? I never understood it. Until my recent adult years. I understood why it’s a sensitive thing. The things black women endured historically. Actually, a lot of thanks to y’all."

She also apologized for using the N-word, saying, "I’ve used the N word ignorantly most of my life not knowing that it was actually a bad word and it was offensive. Took that word out of my vocab. The term ‘Spanish’ was commonly used, in urban culture, in the hood, in the ghetto, to describe a Latina. took that out of my vocab."

She continued, "I also never understood the term ‘Afro Latino’ til recently. ‘Your nose is big and your hair is curly and nappy’ yes. But I never knew what these terms were. It’s not that I didn’t identify as Afro Latina or black. And truth is, I was afraid to offend anyone identifying as such. Y’all can say I’m dumb n ghetto. I’ve prob done a lot of dumb and ghetto sh*t my whole life but one thing I’m not is a racist/woman basher. Every day I make a conscious effort to be a better and wiser person. So once again I apologize because my intent is NEVER to hurt or attack."