Dame Dash Dodges Question About JAY-Z And Foxy Brown

Dame Dash shut down Nick Cannon’s question about JAY-Z and Foxy Brown during Cannon’s podcast, Cannon’s Class. During the conversation, Nick said, "Nick Cannon: At what age was Foxy Brown signed? Dame Dash: I wasn’t paying attention to Foxy Brown. NC: But that’s... DD: I didn’t sign Foxy Brown. Stop putting me in that! NC: I’m just asking a question! DD: You keep asking me ‘cause I’m on the block I’m responsible for everybody. I don’t know nothing about that! NC: You the boss! DD: Don’t beat around the bush. Say what you wanna say. NC: I’m just asking! DD: What do you mean by that question? What are you insinuating when you ask me about Foxy Brown? NC: I’m not insinuating, I just asked a question. DD: I promise you, I don’t... NC: I thought Foxy was like 16! That’s all I’m saying. DD: It seems like you got a question for JAY, ask him. Y’all keep asking me questions y’all wanna ask him ‘cause he ain’t here. Ask him! I ain’t got sh*t to do with that and I don’t know nothing about that."

Dame ended saying that it would be out of his character to speak on another man’s business.