Did Drake And Nicki Minaj Have A Falling Out?

Did Drake and Nicki Minaj have some sort of falling out? According to Rap-Up, fans have pointed out that the two no longer follow each other on Instagram. No word on what happened or triggered the event but the two are still following each other on Twitter. Fans have been wondering if there have been beef between the two Young Money artists when Drake went out to dinner with rapper Steff London -- who has openly dissed Nicki Minaj fans, calling them "Garbz" instead of "Barbz." He also wasn't present in Nicki Minaj's latest video "Good Form" -- but Lil Wayne and Tyga were all in the video. Back in August, Nicki talked about staying neutral during Drake's beef with then boyfriend Meek Mill. She told Zane Lowe, "It was one of the hardest parts of my career to date ever. At the time, I did love both of them. I couldn’t erase the love I had for my team but I also couldn’t speak out, couldn’t say much. I felt so imprisoned in that moment." However, she was quick to defend Drake over ghostwriting accusations following his beef with Pusha T earlier this year. She tweeted, "N*ggaz gon run that Quentin sh*t in the fkn ground like Drake don’t write 4 himself & OTHERS! Ya enemies will remix, reinvent & TRY 2make u RELIVE some old shit for YEARS 2 come when they have NOTHING ON U! Knock it off. Challenging the chosen ones only awakens the sleeping giant." MEEK MILL SAYS NICKI NEVER TRIED TO SQUASH HIS BEEF WITH DRAKE Meanwhile, in a new radio interview, Meek Mill confirmed that Nicki Minaj never tried to squash his beef with Drake.