Documentary About Korn Guitarist To Premiere On Showtime Next Week

Loud Krazy Love, a documentary about the life of Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, will premiere on Friday, December 14th at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime. A new trailer for the movie, which was directed by first-time feature filmmakers Trey Hill and Scott Mayo, has surfaced online as well. Featuring exclusive access on tour and at home, as well as in-depth interviews with Welch, his family and his bandmates, Loud Krazy Love subverts the standard sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll narrative to explore Welch's identity as a father and the complicated relationship he shares with his daughter Jennea. Welch described the film to us in his own way a while back: "It's a Head/Korn documentary. It's a bigger budget thing, just about like how it all works, like us coming back together but also just behind-the-scenes types of things. Family, faith, Korn, life, you know, so that's gonna be interesting." Welch quit Korn, which he co-founded, in 2005 to become a born-again Christian, kick a dangerous addiction to crystal meth and be a better father for his then seven-year-old daughter. He said, "The day Jennea was born was like the most euphoric, miraculous, unconditional love . . . But, I think deep down inside of me, I knew I was incapable of being what she needed and deserved." Production of the film covered four years and includes two decades worth of never-before-seen material from Welch, his family and Korn. Welch rejoined the band in 2013 and has played on its last two studio albums, with the group currently at work on its 13th studio LP.