Drake Addresses OVO Fest Ticket Price Complaints


Drake took to social media to address complaints about his pricey tickets for his ninth annual OVO Fest. Some fans of the rapper complained on social media about the prices. One person called the rapper out for not being a "6 God at all" for charging over $1,000 for tickets in his hometown. The fan wrote, "Drake charges 1000+ for a concert in his city but shows up to schools in the US and hands out money to random people and etc …. This guy is not a 6 God at all."

Drizzy responded to the fan, saying, "I can control a lot of things but I can't control resale prices shordeeeee."

Tickets went on sale for the festival in July and lawn seats were going for $500 Canadian -- which is roughly $378 U.S. all the way up to $2500 Canadian, which is $1874 U.S. for seats closer to the stage.

One fan wrote, "Lmfao! $500 dollars for lawn tickets to #OVOFest?! Is @Drake bringing Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G. back from dead?"