Dua Lipa Condemns 'Toxic Behavior' On Twitter

Dua Lipa has urged her Twitter followers to "say or do something nice," in a bid to combat the "toxic a*s behaviour" on the social media platform.

The singer took to Twitter on Sunday to post a series of tweets which expressed her dislike of the negativity that comes with using the website.

"Takes 10 seconds on the tl (timeline) to see people comparing women and their wrinkles," she began. "I hope everyone engaging in this toxic ass behaviour stays plump af (as f**k) for the rest of their lives bc (because) reality gonna bite you in the arse."

She continued: "Too much hate in one place. We love to preach about feminism and sisterhood but it seems like its all for the clout. Take some time to say/do something nice. Maybe make a difference in someones life for the better."

Dua didn’t give any indication as to what had inspired her tweets, but she told fans that despite being one of the hottest stars in the music industry right now, she also gets hurt by cruel remarks from trolls.

"I just wanna make sure that you guys know that none of this online craziness means anything, never let anyones stupid opinions define how you feel about yourself," she advised. "Any tweets that trigger you or make you feel uncomfortable mute or unfollow with absolutely no f**ks given."

"Small doses to protect my heart because i’m just like you... i feel it all."