Dua Lipa Reveals The Best Advice Katy Perry Ever Gave Her

Dua Lipa was warned by Katy Perry not to "search her name" online.

The 23-year-old singer has said that when she first started making a name for herself, she was approached by Katy and advised not to look at search results of herself online, because she would end up getting "upset" by any criticism she saw.

In the cover story for ELLE’s May issue, Dua said, "When I met Katy Perry, she was like, ‘I hope you don’t search your name. She was like, ‘That’s what I did at the beginning of my career, and I’d get upset about every tabloid that said something about me.’ She said, ‘Do not have notifications on. Do not read that s**t, because it will stop you from doing what you love.’"

Katy isn’t the only star to have given Dua some advice – she was also told to "be kind" to herself by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

She added, "Chris Martin also said to me, ‘Be kind to yourself.’ I thought it was so weird that he would say that - what does that even mean?" Although she didn’t understand his words at first, she now realizes they go hand-in-hand with Katy’s wisdom.

Dua also opened about her Grammy wins and what fans can expect from her forthcoming second album.

In her speech after winning the Grammy for best new artist in February, the star famously called out outgoing Recording Academy president Neil Portnow’s comment from last year’s ceremony that female artists should "step up" if they wanted to be nominated for more awards. "I didn’t plan it," she told Elle. "It just came out of my mouth. But it felt right; it was obviously shade, but at the same time, he’s spoken about it and he knows what he did."

She also hinted at the sound of her upcoming sophomore LP in the interview, though fans may have to wait a while longer to hear new music.

"It’s a mixture of stuff," she said, "from what it felt like to grow up as a girl and be scared to walk home at night to when the whole world lets you down and what it feels like to enjoy life again. I’m hoping to get the album out by the end of this year or the beginning of next. I haven’t decided my track list yet, but they’re all songs you can sing along to. You make music so people can sing along, but you also make it to tell a story in the hopes that someone feels the same way."