Duane Martin Slams Tisha Campbell-Martin's Parenting

Duane Martin has taken jabs at his estranged wife, Tisha Campbell-Martin’s, parenting skills. According to TMZ, in new legal documents obtained by the site, Duane did not address the allegations Tisha made against him when she accused him of physically, mentally and emotionallyabusing her at the beginning of their marriage back in 1996.

Instead, Duane said that when their children are with Tisha, they do not do their homework. He added that it is different when the kids are with him because he is "a graduate of New York University. Schooling was very important to me." He went on to say that Tisha didn’t graduate from any university and has no educational background.

The site also reports that Tisha and Duane previously agreed to hand off custody of their kids at a police station, but Duane has had a change of heart. He changed his mind because he says it isn’t in the best interest of their kids. Duane also wants the courtroom cleared for the next hearing.