Dustin Lynch Scored Points With His Sister When Backstreet Boys Cut His Song

Dustin Lynch has been writing songs for years, recently having achieved his first Number One hit as both songwriter and artist with "Good Girl." Other artists have recorded his tunes, but when he found out that the Backstreet Boys were including one of his co-writes on their latest album, DNA, he was pretty excited. The song is called "Just Like You Like It," and Dustin wrote it while penning songs for his 2017 Current Mood album, but it didn't feel right for that project. He tells us he had even forgotten about the song. "You never think anything else of it cause we write so much and then you get a phone call, 'Hey, the Backstreet Boys are cutting your song' and I go, 'What song?' Then I have to go back and look through my folder and remember, 'Oh, yeah, this one,' and then it hits you. I listened back to the demo that we did of that song and go, 'Well, of course they're cutting it!' Like it sounds so Backstreet Boys, and it's really cool. Honestly, like, whenever I heard that news I was texting everybody because we grew up on them, but it's just really cool. My sister's very proud of me, I'll say that (laughs)."

Dustin admits that during the late 90s and early 2000s he was more of an *NSYNC fan but he still liked BSB.

He's currently climbing the charts with "Ridin' Roads," which he co-wrote for his current EP of the same name.