Ellie Goulding Nails The #BottlecapChallenge


The latest goofy internet challenge is the #BottleCapChallenge, which Ellie Goulding nailed.

The challenge involves putting a bottle cap loosely on top of a bottle and then performing a roundhouse kick, connecting with the cap only, and making it spin off the top of the bottle. You then challenge your friends to do the same.

In her Instagram video, someone holds a glass bottle in front of Ellie. She winds up, and executes the kick flawlessly, as the cap goes flying off. When someone on Twitter responded, "Doesn’t count someone is holding the bottle which makes it more sturdy Let’s not be a cheat," Ellie snapped, "Oh, bugger off."

Ellie is one of the biggest female celebrities to complete the challenge, and she wants to keep it going. "This challenge is way too much of a sausage fest for my liking," she captioned the video, and then challenged Stella McCartney, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss, as well as a few other women. She added, "STOP USING PLASTIC BOTTLES SUCKERS."

MMA fighter Max Hollaway popularized the challenge by inviting John Mayer to do it – which he did, using a plastic bottle. Then John challenged actor Jason Statham, who completed it and then challenged director Guy Ritchie. He did it, and challenged David Beckham, Will Smith and actress Naomi Scott. It’s not clear who challenged Ellie to do it.