Fans Spot Typo On Taylor Swift Merchandise

Fans have found a typo on their Taylor Swift merchandise and took to social media to discuss it.

On the clothing, the first word of the lyric from Taylor’s latest single ME! "You’re the only one of you, Baby that’s the fun of you" is misspelled "your’e." The blunder is all the more entertaining given the song also contains the line: "Hey, kids! Spelling is fun!"

The error was initially spotted and posted by Twitter user April, who said: "EXCUSE ME! I’ve had this shirt for nearly a month and you’re telling me it’s had a typo THIS WHOLE TIME!!" She went on to add:" I still love my shirt Taylor." Her tweet has since gone viral and more fans have now responded having noticed the error on their own items.

The mistake isn’t included on every top, though, leaving some with the typo to hope they may be in for a treat from Taylor. Some also wondered if the mistake was deliberate and it was in fact Taylor dropping more clues. "PLOT TWIST: it’s a clue for Taylor!!" said one. "What if it’s an Easter egg?" commented another.