Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Says New Album Will Be Musical 'Roller Coaster'


Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory has said in a new video from the band's current recording sessions that its eighth studio album will be a musical "roller coaster."

In the latest clip documenting the recording sessions for the LP, Bathory explains, "It feels like it is gonna be a heavier record. I'm kind of in the (second album) War Is The Answer mood . . . Naturally, our records always end up being a mixture. It has to be a roller coaster, it has to be a ride. It has to be a full landscape."

Bathory told us a while back that Five Finger Death Punch always puts pressure on itself to top its previous effort: "The pressure is self-inflicted, you know. From the perspective of the audience, obviously, you can't do something that's not up to par. We have a lot of fans that are expecting a certain quality and expecting certain things from us. That's just what it is -- it's the relationship between us and them. But the pressure is not necessarily coming from them, the pressure is coming from us, being super-critical and going over everything a million times and make sure that everybody's happy with it."

Five Finger Death Punch is recording its new album with its regular producer, Kevin Churko, in the band's hometown of Las Vegas. The follow-up to 2018's And Justice For None is due out later this year.

The drums on the disc were laid down by Charlie "The Engine" Engen, who made his live debut with the group during its fall 2018 tour with Breaking Benjamin. He stepped in for original drummer Jeremy Spencer, who left the band in December due to a back injury.