Five Finger Death Punch Pays Tribute To Fallen Soldier In Arkansas

Five Finger Death Punch paid tribute during its Saturday night (December 1st) show in Little Rock, Arkansas to William James Plasencia, who lost his life in June while home on leave from serving his country as an active duty member of the United States Army. The band dedicated its cover of the Offspring track "Gone Away" to Plasencia, whose mother, Skyla Plasencia, was brought onstage. William, a specialist with the Army, was just 20 years old when he was killed in a car crash on leave. He had originally enlisted for two years and had just re-upped with the military for another five-year stretch. He is survived by his mother and several siblings. Five Finger Death Punch has consistently supported the military, along with programs for returning soldiers. The band has gone overseas to play for U.S. troops and hires veterans for its tour and security teams. Singer Ivan Moody told us a while back about performing for members of the military: "The troops were just so receptive and so appreciative that we were there. You only get glimpses, you know, on the news over here, 30 seconds, maybe a minute long -- don't really get to see what these guys are going through, and it's just such a life-changing experience for us. More bands need to go there, man." .