Five Finger Death Punch Tweets Love To Motley Crue

The members of Five Finger Death Punch have long been fans of, and friends with, Motley Crue. And over the weekend they took to Twitter to share about it.

In reference to Motley Crue’s new movie, they tweeted this: "Have you seen #The Dirt yet? Our friends and label mates Mötley Crüe made a movie about their wild times coming up as a band. It’s a great peak behind the curtains - biopic."

They went on to even plug sales by posting this: "Check it out and celebrate the movie with 2-months of Spotify premium - free of charge (USA only)."

The band, Five Finger Death Punch is currently celebrating a #1 hit at rock radio with "When The Seasons Change." It’s their 7th #1 and 21st Top Ten hit.