Flashback: Boston's Debut Album Goes Top Five

It was 42 years ago today (December 4th, 1976), that Boston's self-titled debut album peaked at Number Three on the Billboard 200 albums chart, where it stayed for five weeks. Since then, nearly every song from the album continues to receive heavy airplay on classic rock radio -- most notably the album's lead single, "More Than A Feeling," along with "Peace Of Mind," "Foreplay/Long Time," "Rock And Roll Band," "Smokin'," and "Hitch A Ride." Since its August 25th, 1976 release, Boston has sold over 17 million copies. Boston's guitarist/songwriter/producer Tom Scholz credits the group's late lead singer Brad Delp as the key to their global success: "He and I were the ones, y'know, that put most of those tracks on the albums. Y'know, I did the instruments, mostly, and he did the singing. That was the key. That's what we did in the demos -- I mean, other than the drum track -- and that's what worked. We basically did that on the albums and we certainly had some contributions from people along the way. But in my mind, y'know, none of them would've been successful without Brad's voice on them. I don't think there would've been a Boston today if he hadn't been the singer." Boston lead singer Brad Delp committed suicide on March 9th, 2007 at the age of 55. Boston remains a busy touring act with the band's sixth album, called, Love, Life, And Hope, having been released in 2013.