Former Tour Opener Puts Rob Zombie On Blast

Frontman Buzz Osborne of the seminal Seattle band Melvins has put Rob Zombie on blast. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Osborne recalled the time the Melvins toured with Babes In Toyland and White Zombie in the early 1990s, from which he didn't have the fondest memories of Mr. Zombie.

Osborne recalled, "We did a tour with (Babes In Toyland) and White Zombie, and we both got treated like f**king dogs**t on that tour by the powers that be. It was a massively unnecessary situation of pointless rock-star behavior. I don't know what was going through (Rob Zombie's) head, but if making enemies is what you set out to do, well, mission accomplished."

He added, "I've been around people you would consider a rock star, like the guys in Kiss, and they never behaved like that. It just makes you hate lower-level f**kheads like Rob Zombie even more. If I got treated like that by the f**king mailman, I'd hate his guts. So it was fun to have Babes In Toyland along."

Rob Zombie has not yet responded to the comments. He'll be touring later this summer with Marilyn Manson. The Melvins, meanwhile, will play a few North American shows in May, followed by tours of Japan and Europe.